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The Afghan- US Law Alumni Association

The Afghan-US Law Alumni Association (ALAA) has approximately 100 members, who are all alumni of US-funded legal education programs. These accomplished Afghan lawyers have returned to Afghanistan and are working in the public sector, teaching law, working for private companies, working for law firms, or working in international organizations and having a broad impact on rule of law in Afghanistan.

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ALAA members are alumni of 3 different US-government funded legal education programs: the FPJRA program, where scholars have studied at over 15 different law schools in the US, the Legal Education Support Program – Afghanistan (LESPA) administered at the University of Washington School of Law, and the Legal Education for Visiting Afghan Scholars (LEVAS) program, administered at Ohio Northern University College of Law. Alumni work at public and private universities across Afghanistan, they work in several government ministries, they work in private law firms and private companies, and they work for international organizations and companies implementing justice sector programming.

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The ALAA is active in supporting the legal sector throughout Afghanistan through seminars, training, outreach to law students, and supporting reforms and legal scholarship.

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